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I am great at multi-tasking

Everett Birdsall - Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I’m great at multi-tasking as long as it’s one thing at a time.

Ask any Octopus and you’ll learn that multi-tasking is an illogical attempt to perform at a higher level by dividing tasks and time. I'm the biggest culprit and I need to stop doing it. People who need to get work done efficiently and effectively need to Single Task. Unfortunately, our world is filled with events that need to be done non-consecutively (and sometimes partially) but we can’t allow it to drive us to distraction.

Facts that I’m about to make up say that our brains work 50% better when concentrating on one and only one task. The truth is our brains can really only handle one thing at a time.

However, after years of multi-tasking I can switch between two tasks, but I’ve also noticed that my attention span and attention to detail has dramatically dropped in the last decade. Facts that I’m NOT making and come from Statistic Brain include the following: Since the year 2000 our average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, slightly lower than a goldfish (No wonder I always lose a staring contest with my pet goldfish, Elsa (Anna, by the way, is in fishy-heaven)).

Focus on one task until it’s done, then move to the next.

I’ve been doing just that, but I’m still working on it though. For instance, while writing this article I also opened 5 more browser tabs, thought of 2 other jokes for other blogs, and I clicked on my email 5 times. (By the way, the average worker checks their email 30 times per hour.) Don’t worry though—the Octopus sitting next to me hit me with a tentacle, and he did it without stopping his typing or his coffee drinking. Ask any Octopus and he’ll tell you, “That’s the power of a decentralized nervous system.”